UPDIF Special Design - Printed Biothane® Buckle Collar MTO

Turn-Around: 6 Weeks

When ordering multiple items, faster items will be held until all items are ready to ship.

This is for a Biothane made to order French martingale collar with the UPDIF 2024 logo art. You may select your color accents but to make sure your order arrives before the event we may make some color substitutions. A Name may be added to your design for a fee, the name will be printed with the design and may add a bit of time to your order. We will be doing our absolute best to get all UPDIF orders shipped quickly so you can use them at the event. 

This listing is for an all Biothane Buckle Collar. There are a variety of options but please note that there may be some differences between the sample photo and the options available. 

*all widths with an asterisk will have a maximum neck size before the style changes. The primary difference with this change is whether the tail is printed and if the tail is one piece with the printed portion of the collar. If there is not an asterisk, there is no difference in style between the small and large necks because the tail on that style is not printed at all. 

Width is chosen using the specified options. The accent color will be the backer if applicable and the tab area around the buckle (on some small collars this may be left off and the collar is entirely the printed piece. The accent color may also be the strap under the printed piece. All accent colors may not match as not all colors are available in all sizes. We will use our artistic discretion to best choose the options. If the accent color isn't available, a substitute may be chosen.

Turn-arounds will be rushed to get your orders to you in time. All items will ship on or before April 4th but you MUST order by Wednesday at 1pm EST to get the rushed creation. We will try to get items ordered after that time to you but it's not guaranteed.

Note that on Buckle collars the buckle will be to the left and tail to the right unless otherwise requested. This only matters if you are particular on how the collar is buckled to make sure the text is facing the right direction. 

STONES - Stones, if requested using the 1.5in width option, will be done to match the design and accent color. Between 1 and 4 colors will be chosen and may not match posted samples. If you have a specific look, color scheme, or other sample to match, please note it in the requests box.  

Printing is done via UV Printer and is waterproof. The collar has a limited warranty for flaws including the printing. 

The measurement for the neck size should be the size using a tape measure around the dog's neck where you want the collar to sit. The measurement should be snug but not chocking. Each collar has 1in below and 2 inches above the neck size. The reason for this is to leave more room to loosen for comfort. If your dog is in between neck sizes, chose the size down. For example, if your dog has a 13.5in neck, choose the 12in because the 13.5in hole is the middle hole. 

If your dog has a small head or is a flight risk, be sure to chose a size that can be tightened securely enough to reduce the risk of backing out. Additional holes smaller can be requested on most designs, such as for a growing puppy.