Crate Decor

Our crate decor is made of quality and consistent materials and you can rest assured that we will continue to offer them. Designs don't retire, you can always come back for matching tags or charms. We've been making Crate Tags and similar items since around 2015, and we've been is business since 2008!

Crate tags are made of a durable plastic and the ink is dyed into the material and so is fully waterproof. 

Zipper pulls and Title charms are made of a lightweight but tough metal and the ink is a dye applied coating. 

Bowl Decals are a sticker material you can apply to a bowl or smooth surface or your choosing. The have a specialty glue that after waiting 24-48 can be dishwashed. If applied correctly these decals have been known to last daily dishwashing for YEARS. 

Make it a set by ordering additional items with the theme. 

Don't feel stuck with one theme though, Feel free to change designs as much as you want. Holiday themed tags are great to keep things fresh. 

Make it Match

Check out our Ribbon Display and Certificate Holders to Match your favorite crate tag designs.