Christmas Biothane® Printed Buckle Collar

Turn-Around: 6 Weeks

When ordering multiple items, faster items will be held until all items are ready to ship.

This listing is an all-encompassing listing for the Christmas Biothane Buckle Collars. All Swatches have been added at once. Samples will be added as they are created. The printed section will be a panel attached to a 3/4in or 1in piece of biothane. The color used will be the best option for the design from what we have and may change if we get a better fitting color. You may request a color but options will be based on our stock and the best match. 

Width of the printed section and buckle can be selected.

Printing is done via UV Printer and is waterproof. The collar has a limited lifetime warranty for flaws including the printing. 

Sizing is based on neck size and may vary slightly compared to our normal sizing as we perfect our measuring process with the new material.